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Professor Chong Sun Kim

Postado em 13/01/2020

After a short illness, our beloved colleague, Professor Chong Sun Kim passed away in the closing days of December 2019.  Chong was a true gentleman and a worthy ambassador of Korean Otolaryngology. He was scrupulously fair-minded and unfailingly loyal as well as being friendly, polite and courteous. In his life gracefulness and professionalism were intertwined. His radiant smile always accompanied him. Chong was a lighthouse pointing the right way in weather fair or foul. His family life was imbued with precisely the same values that permeated his professional life. Meeting Chong and his wife Pauline was always a joyous occasion as we always had animated discussions on a host of topical issues. Our deepest sympathy goes to all his family and especially to Pauline from whom he was inseparable and who was such a staunch support to Chong during their entire married life.
Chong Sun Kim graduated Seoul National University Medical School in 1966. After finishing the ENT training he became Chair of the department at the same university hospital in 1974. He received his PhD degree in 1972, and undertook a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Minnesota from 1976-1978 under Prof Michael Paparella He did his skull base surgical training in Prof Ugo Fisch’s clinic in Zurich in 1981.
Chong Sun Kim organised several international meetings in Seoul: 2nd APSCI (1999), 25th Politzer Society Meeting (2005), CORLAS Meeting (2007), and 20th IFOS World Congress (2013). He also served as an officer in IFOS; Executive Board member (2002-2005), Regional Secretary (2005-2009), Vice-President (2009-2013), and President (2013-2017).
Professor Chong Sun Kim served as IFOS president for 4 years after the Seoul IFOS World Congress 2013. Thanks to Professor Kim and his team, the Congress in Seoul was a real success scientifically, socially and economically. The manner in which Professor Kim and his Korean colleagues organized the scientific program was exemplary resulting in an outstanding selection of topics, key-note speakers, moderators, invited lecturers that ensured the success of the meeting.
May he rest in peace.
Bernard Fraysse                                                Milan Profant
IFOS President                                                  IFOS General Secretary